Conformity to Product : Food Quality and Consumer Value

Conformity to Product : Food Quality and Consumer Value
Conformity means the fulfillment of requirements. Both requirements of the product and those of the consumer need to be fulfilled.

Food Quality
Food quality relates to the quality attributes of the food and to the processes for making that food. Processes will have been designed to consistently achieve the required attributes within the parameters of the product specification. The assurance of product conformity to specification is one of the most important tasks of the technical function within food companies.

Consumer Value
Consumer value relates to the design of the food i.e., the types of value the consumer expects or desires from the product. It is for the marketing function to ascertain both the needs of the consumer and the context the products to be used.

There is closed relationships between food quality and consumer value and the need for the technical and marketing functions to cooperate in the realization of new products and in the management of existing products.

Both functions must be able to understand the nature of the consumer requirements as well as process capabilities and achievable product specifications. Supply problems, technological progress, changes in food law and changing consumer attitudes are example of situations where it may be necessary to substitute existing food ingredients in successful product lines.

Marketing input into both new and modified specification is imperative for successful change management.
Conformity to Product : Food Quality and Consumer Value

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