Process of marinating

Marination is a chemical process. Marinating is a conservation process which consists of reducing the water content of fish through the action of salt, and of inhibiting the growth of microorganism through acidification of the medium. Industrial marination processing systems consist of brine injection and tumbling.

The marinade’s acid is the potent substance that chemically softens the connective tissue. It might be derived from lemon juice, wine, or some other ingredient.

Marination by injection is a quick process, achieved by forcing marinade solution into meat by means of one or a number of needle devices.

While tumbling or massaging marination is a method usually carried out in procession plants or retail facilities.

During marinating, the proteins are partially hydrolyzed by tissue enzymes with liberation of peptides and amino acids.

Most of the time, a marinade does not penetrate food much beyond the surface. To be effective, sufficient marinating time is necessary.

Marinating at room temperature is considerably faster than doing it in the refrigerator.
Process of marinating

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