Food packaging interactions: absorption

Food packaging interactions can be defined as an interplay between food, packaging and the environment, which produces effect on the food and/or package.

Interactions between packaging materials and foodstuffs can affect food quality, e.g. on flavour aspects. Absorption processes in active packaging have largely involved control of the availability of water in packages. Several flavor compounds of an artificially flavored drink yoghurt were absorbed by its high density polyethylene bottle.

Prediction of flavour absorption in relation to the packed food and the packaging material would be a valuable tool in product development. It can help the food industry in choosing packaging material or in determining product formulation.

Product components may penetrate the structure of the packaging material. Absorption phenomena can influence the quality of food. Absorption of aroma components by the package can cause a direct loss of flavour components from food, as absorbed flavour compounds can no longer contribute to the flavor of a food stuff.

Absorption involves the first steps of the process, i.e. adsorption and diffusion. Mass transfer processes between foods and packages are governed by both kinetics and thermodynamics.
Food packaging interactions: absorption

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