Production of table sugar

The production of sugar from sugar cane juice is based on the ability of sucrose to crystallize from thick syrup while glucose and fructose remain dissolved.

Major steps in the production of raw sugar crystals include:
*Harvest and transport of cane to the sugar factory
*Juice extraction
*Purification of the juice
*Evaporation of water
*Crystallization of sucrose and the production of massecuite
*Storage of sugar and molasses

The cane is first prepare for grinding by revolving knives that cut the stalks into chips, by hammer-mills shredders that shred the cane but extract no juice, by heavily grooved crusher rolls that break the cane and express a large part of the juice.

Crushers are two roll mills which were formerly use extensively for preparation of cane before further crushing on three roller mills. A well operated crusher should give 50% juice extraction.

By a combination of cane preparation, blanket compression and dewatering of the fiber, the first mill following should give an additional 27% juice extraction, giving a total of 77% by dry crushing.
Production of table sugar

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