Applications of vitamins in processing of food

The technical used for vitamins and their various applications are as below:
With increasing awareness concerning the importance of antioxidants in health maintenance, particularly vitamin E, their retention through food processing and storage has been assuming an increasing importance. The antioxidant vitamins C and E frequently are utilized to prevent undesirable color changes and to retard the development of rancid flavor.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2: provides a greenish lemon-yellow color) and beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A: provides an orange color) are utilized as natural coloring substances.

Inhibitions of can corrosion
Among functions of ascorbic acid are inhibition of can corrosion in canned soft drinks.

Protection of taste, flavor and clarity 
Other functions of ascorbic acid are protection of flavor and color of wine, prevention of black spot formation in shrimp, stabilization of cured meat color and dough improvement in baked goods.

Other applications of vitamins including:
Prevention of black spot prevention
Prevention of nitrosamine formation 
Flour dough improvement 
Maintenance of color in meat package in controlled atmosphere
Applications of vitamins in processing of food

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