Biotechnology in food processing

Biotechnology has been broadly defined as the utilization of biologically derived molecules, structures, cells or organisms to carry out a specific process. This is true of many established food processes – for example, cheesemaking and brewing.

The beauty of modern biotechnology lies in the specificity. The biotechnologist can target only one or two protein molecules for change in an organism containing thousands of proteins.

The seemingly minor alterations can have profound effects. The amount of an important flavor, color or enzyme may be increased many fold. It can allow crops to grow under marginal to poor conditions.

With a few exceptions, most short-term results of modern biotechnical applied to food production will be invisible to the consumer’s eye.

However, indirect effects on existing product, such as cost savings and product improvements, will be far reaching.

It is therefore important for the public to be informed of the benefits that the biotechnological revolution can provide.
Biotechnology in food processing

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