What is meant by pastries?

Pastries are defined as nay products made from any of several different doughs that include fats, flour, and water, that may be enriched with other ingredients.

‘Pastry’ is formed from ‘paste’, a French word that appeared as the Anglo-Norman past or paste, meaning ‘dough’ or ‘pastry’ lasting into the sixteenth century as paest.

Examples of pastry include puff pastry, pie dough and pâte sucrée or a sweet short pastry. Pastries can also be a general term for sweet baked goods such as Danish pastries or coffee cakes.

While the filling use in the manufacture of pastry products may have a wide range of textures, moisture contents and water activities, the pastry itself tends to have a moisture content above that of biscuits but below that of cake.
What is meant by pastries?

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