Bread product of bagel

A bagel is a round yeast roll with a hole in the middle. A true bagel is completely plain and is made with white wheat high gluten flour, then boiled in water and then baked, which gives the bagel its characteristics hard, glazed crust.

The name bagel comes from the German word beugel meaning a round loaf of bread. The first mention of the bagel was in 161 in Kraków, Poland, when it was mentioned in a piece of literature that it would be given to women in childbirth. Jews from central Asia, where similar type of ring bread still exist, might have brought the concept to eastern Europe during the Middle Ages.

Bagels are mostly steamed and are offered in every conceivable flavor, from the more traditional pumpernickel or onion to the sweetened blueberry or chocolate chip versions, as well as many other flavors in between.

The largest bagel ever made was on July 23, 1998 in Mattoon, Illinois. It was blueberry bagel and weighed in at 714 pounds.
Bread product of bagel

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