What do nutritionists do?

These are people who concentrate on the study of nutrition. In some states, a person who uses the title “nutritionist” must have a graduate degree in basic science courses related to nutrition.

Nutritionists provide information and advice about food, diet and health, usually relating to people who are well. Registered nutritionists are experts in nutritional science and apply this in a variety of settings, including working with individuals, groups and communities.

They work in different roles including public health, health improvement, health policy, local and national government, in the private sector, Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and in education and research. Nutritionists are qualified to provide information about food and healthy eating.

The Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) provides nutrition consultation and education for patients and their families who are screened at nutrition risk, identified with nutrition risk, and/or referred by physicians or other healthcare providers for nutrition-related problems, chronic disease management, management of nutrition support, to meet regulatory requirements, or for prevention and wellness.
What do nutritionists do?

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