Monitoring system of CCP

The fourth principle of HACCP is to establish CCP monitoring requirements and procedures for using the results of monitoring to adjust the process and maintain control. The HACCP Team should specify monitoring requirements for management of the CCP within its Critical Limits.

The monitoring system describes the methods by which the business is able to confirm that all CCPs are operating within the defined critical limit. This will involve specifying monitoring actions along with monitoring frequency and responsibility.

Monitoring is a planned sequence of observations or measurements used to assess whether a CCP is under control. These observations will be necessary to produce an accurate record and for future use in verification.

In a HACCP system, monitoring procedures must be designed to accomplish the following objectives.
*Track the operation of the process and enable the identification of trends toward a loss of process control that would necessitate process adjustments.
*Identify when there is a loss of process control and a deviation occurs at a CCP.
*Provide written documentation of the process control System.

Monitoring frequency will depend on the critical limit and the observations and measurements that are needed. The length of monitoring period will determine the amount of product affected by the critical limit deviation.

Each CCP must be monitored by a specific individual. Personnel to Consider including:
•Line Supervisors
•QC Personnel
•Selected Line Workers
•Maintenance Maintenance
Monitoring system of CCP

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