Frozen raspberry for baking and manufacturing of jam and jelly

Only the highest quality raspberries are selected for freezing, and the gentle flash-freezing process maintains the fruit’s flavor and nutrient integrity. The world market has high quality requirements on raspberry fruit, the best price being attained for individually quick-frozen (IQF) raspberry.

Some raspberries are frozen for the bakery trade and many for the manufacture of raspberry jam and jelly. To prepare them for freezing, the washed and drained berries may be placed in wooden barrels without sugar, and then placed in a room at 0°F or below and allowed to freeze slowly.

In Australia, the sales volumes of frozen raspberries are significantly larger than that of fresh raspberries. This is attributed to the convenience, value and versatility of frozen product.

Packaging used for quick frozen raspberries shall:
*Protect the organoleptic and other quality characteristics of the product;
*Protect the product against microbiological and other contamination;
*Protect the product, as far as practicable, against dehydration, heat accumulation by radiation, and, where appropriate, leakage;
*Not pass on to the product any odour, taste; colour or other foreign characteristic, throughout the processing (where applicable) and distribution of the product up to the time of final sale.
Frozen raspberry for baking and manufacturing of jam and jelly

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