Refrigerated vacuum packaging – to preserve food from spoilage factors

The changes in texture and taste is influenced by the storage temperature, time, and oxygen content. On the other hand, suitable packaging helps preserve food from spoilage factors, particularly the external spoilage.

Vacuum packaging is one of the natural preservative packaging methods which can greatly enhance the shelf life and overall quality of muscle foods for a long time. However, some organisms are resistant to high carbon dioxide levels. Their growth is slowed at lower temperatures.

In this case, vacuum packaging can be supplement to ice or refrigeration to delay spoilage, extend the shelf-life of fishery products.

Vacuum packaging, brining, and storage at refrigerated temperature increase the shelf life of golden mullet to a great extent and their findings revealed that the vacuum packed brined golden mullet stored at 4°C has longest shelf of 30 days.

Fresh meat packaged under vacuum may have a shelf life of a few weeks under refrigeration. Significant improvement in shelf life of moist-cooked nuggets, dry-cooked patties, and deep-fat fried croquettes up to 40, 60, and 80 days, respectively, has been reported at refrigerated storage under vacuum packaging condition.
Refrigerated vacuum packaging – to preserve food from spoilage factors

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