Braising process of meat

Braising is a cooking method that helps to transform tougher meats into tender cuts while maintaining flavor and moistness. To braise means to cook covered in a small amount of liquid, usually after preliminary browning.

The popularity of properly braised items is due to the flavor imparted by the browning and by the sauce made from the braising liquid. Clearly, the quality of a braised meat depends greatly on the quality of the stock the meat is cooked in.

The advantages of braising:
a) Older, tougher joints of meat and poultry can be used
b) Maximum flavor and nutritive value are retained
c) Variety of presentation and flavor is given to the menu

The advantages of water as a base medium for braising is that it evenly and rapidly transmits heat, the temperature may be relatively easy to manipulate, the liquid may transfer and transport flavor and it may reduce into a convenient sauce.

Braised meats are usually browned first using a dry-heat method such as pan-frying. This gives a desirable appearance and flavor to the product and sauce.
Braising process of meat

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