Almond milk

Monday, September 19, 2016

There are a dozens of reason almond milk is worth adding to human diet. The first is that the light, nutty, crisp flavor is almost immediately palatable.

Almond milk is high in protective antioxidants, particularly vitamin E, and rich in flavonoids. Unlike cow’s milk, almond milk contains no cholesterol and no saturated fats so it won’t damage the cardiovascular system. It also contains only 5 mg of sodium per serving. In addition, a serving of almond milk contains 150 mg of potassium, which is particularly beneficial in promoting healthy blood pressure.

Plain almond milk without added sugars or flavoring contains 40 calories per 8 ounce serving. It is good for weight loss or who want maintain a low weight.

One cup of almond milk also includes significant amounts of magnesium, manganese, selenium and vitamin E. Almond milk has the highest concentrations of vitamins and minerals compared to soy and rice milks.

While the taste is significantly different from soy, the most preferred almond milk contains added sugar. Many milk substitutes take some getting used to, but almond milk offers a similar consistency to milk and tastes great in all the same places – over cereal, in a cup of coffee or served ice cold in a glass with a straw.

It has all the creamy goodness of milk, without all of the adverse reactions some bodies experience when consuming dairy.
Almond milk


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