Three Types of Food Safety Hazards

Food safety is an issue that is taken very seriously. If you are manufacturing food products to sell, it is our responsibility to be aware and always follow, the food regulations relevant to the types of products you are producing.

Foods safety hazards are contaminants that may cause a food product to be unsafe for production.

Identifying Hazards Food becomes unsafe accidentally when harmful things like micro-organisms and chemicals get into foods. The three most common types of hazards are:

• Biological hazards - include bacteria, viruses and parasites.
Microbial foodborne illness, also commonly called ‘food poisoning’, is illness cause by eating food contaminated with specific types of microorganism or toxins formed by these microorganisms.

• Chemical hazards - include pesticides, food additives and preservatives, cleaning supplies and toxic metals that leech through worn cookware and equipment. This chemicals that can cause harm though toxic effects, either immediate or long term.

• Physical hazards – include dirt, broken glass and crockery, food packaging, hair and other objects that could accidentally get into food. This items can cause harm though direct injury or choking.
Three Types of Food Safety Hazards

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