Strategies to Keep Food Safe

Reducing the risk of bacterial hazards:
*Wash hands before and after touching raw food.
*Use disposable tissues in food areas
*Keep fingernails short, free form polish and use a nail brush to clean them.
*Keep hair away from food
*Clean and sanitize all food contact surfaces that touch raw food.
*Clean and sanitize all cleaning cloths, sponges, equipment and utensils that touch raw food.
*Store raw foods on shelves below ready-to-eat foods to prevent cross-contamination.
*Remember, raw meats dripping on ready-to-eat foods will contaminate the ready-to-eat foods.
*Control of pathogens in animal reservoirs
*Control of pathogens during food production
*Improvement of food handling practices
*It is essential to thaw thoroughly any deep frozen raw food before cooking it
Strategies to Keep Food Safe

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