Tea in bag

Tea in bag or tea bag enabled drinkers to purchase and brew tea conveniently, with no additional accessories.

Tea bags contain very finely cut or broken leaves that will brew a stronger, and sometimes more astringent, cup of tea than loose leaf tea. It is because the tea particles in tea bags are much smaller than loose tea and therefore brew more quickly.

It has been refined over the years by experimenting with different materials and sealing methods. A tea bag can be easily removed when the tea is brewed.

Several companies package excellent tea in tea bags, and these tea bags will give a good flavor, not the dreaded bitterness of cheap quality tea found in many tea bags.

The tea bags was invented in 1908 by New Yorker Thomas Sullivan, who stitched up his tea samples into little silk sachets.

He soon realized that they gave a quick strong brew and were much easier to use than loose leaves. The bags was so popular he received hundred of order for them.

Today 35% of all tea the people consume is in bags. In North America, tea bags are the main way of brewing tea today.
Tea in bag

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