Waxy corn starch

This type of corn is so named because of the dull, waxy appearance of the kernels relative to the shiny, vitreous kernels of flint and dent.

Waxy corn starch, also known as waxy maize starch, consists of only amylopectin molecules, giving this starch different and useful properties.

Waxy corn possesses higher content of water soluble, salt-s0luble protein and low alcohol protein content that the normal maize.

The starch stains red with iodine, not blue as ordinary starches do.

It has high content of lysine and tryptophan which are the essential amino acids the human body cannot synthesize.

Lysine content is about 16%-74% more than normal size.

Waxy corn starch is desirable ion the production of certain processed foods and may caused better feed efficiency in farm animals.
Waxy corn starch

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