Dill weed essential oil

Dill weed oil is produced in the United States, mainly in the northwest and in western Canada.

Dill weed oil, the volatile oil is obtained by steam distillation of the freshly cut stalks, leaves and seeds, at the immature fruiting stage of the plant Anethum garveolens L.

It has largely replaced both dill leaf and dill seed oil in a commercial food usage.  American dill weed has a strong, fresh, somewhat spicy, aromatic odor and a warm, slightly burning taste.

The oil is soluble in most fixed oils and in mineral oil. It is soluble usually with opalescence or turbidity, in propylene glycol, but it is practically insoluble in glycerin.

The major commercial use of dill is in the form of dill weed oil, used in the pickle industry to make dill pickles. It is also used for flavoring and seasoning by the food industry for such products such as condiments, meat preparations, potato chips, sauces, dips, chewing gum and candy.
Dill weed essential oil 

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