Biosensors in food processing

Sensors are used to measure and control parameters such as temperature, pressure, liquid or solid levels, pressure and weight. Biosensors are diagnostic devices that can change biological reactions into detectable and measurable signs. Biosensors have many uses in the fields of medication, food processing, and environmental safety. One of the most important applications of biosensors is finding foodborne pathogens.

Biosensors in the food industry may be used to analyze nutrients, to detect natural toxins and antinutrients, for monitoring of food processing, and for detection of genetically modified organisms. Besides their quick response, other factors that make biosensors a potential tool are their selectivity, easy function, and low cost.

Through enzymatic and immunogenic reactions, biosensors can be used to determine the level of pesticides, antibiotics, proteins, vitamins B complex and fatty acids found in foods. Enzymatic biosensors are also employed in the dairy industry. A biosensor, based on a screen-printed carbon electrode, was integrated into a flow cell.Enzymes were immobilized on electrodes by engulfment in a photocrosslinkable polymer. The automated flow-based biosensor could quantify the three organophosphate pesticides in milk.

A biosensor setup is basically comprised of three parts:
*A biological receptor for biomolecular recognition of sample analyte
*A transducer to translate recognition event into an appropriate signal
*A detection technique for signal analysis and processes.

Typical biological recognition elements may be tissue, living cells, enzymes, antibody, antigen, bacteriophages, proteins, or nucleic acids,

Transducers convert biological signals into electrical signals which are recorded and displayed digitally to the consumer. Biosensors generate either constant or distinct electronic signals that are directly proportional to the concentrations of analytes of interest.
Biosensors in food processing

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